Venezuela: What Happens if Chávez Loses?

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PHOTO: Chavez Venezuela: What Happens if Chávez Loses? This Sunday Venezuelans will vote for president and for the first time since Hugo Chávez took office in 1998 the result is not a foregone conclusion. The odds still favor Hugo Chávez who has significant fiscal resources, control of state media and a loyal and organized party base. However, the challenger Henrique Capriles, who has united the opposition and run a stellar campaign, is tied with Chávez, according to some polls. So what happens if Capriles pulls off the upset and defeats Chávez? If Chavez loses, one needs to be very thankful, but the challenges are going to be huge,² says Alberto Bernal, Head of Research at Bulltick Capital and an open critic of Chávez¹s economic policies.

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