BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN

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EDITORS: As the New York-New Jersey Super Bowl approaches, The Associated Press will offer a multi-format series, exploring its uniqueness, strategy and potential as a groundbreaking NFL event. Going forward, AP will provide stories for immediate release over 13 weeks. Starting Thursday, the AP will publish a series of stories — at least one per week — through Feb. 2, the day of the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Below is a rundown of November's stories. FBN--SUPER BOWL 2014-GETTING STARTED Feb. 2, 2014, is a day that will be remembered forever in not only the NFL, but in New York and New Jersey, as the Super Bowl will be played outdoors in a northern market for the first time ever. Indeed, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has overcome quite a few challenges in his tenure, but this one may be the toughest. Travel, traffic, lodging, logistics — not to mention the weather — will all be in play, as the NFL tries to showcase its biggest game...
image  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN

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