Good Police Work Nabs 4 Burglary Suspects in MC

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An elderly Michigan City resident in the 200 block of Emma Street told police that after hearing a loud crash, he discovered his backdoor to be badly damaged and kicked in.  Finding that nothing was taken and after speaking with family the 98 year old called police.  Then according to police reports, while taking a report of that incident last Tuesday afternoon officers received another burglary call of an elderly homeowner in the 100 block of Ashland.
The 79 year old victim told police that she was home when her power went off but that she thought it was weather related.  Then she said she herd a noise in her kitchen area and thought it was a family member.  When she went to check, she said she saw two males running out of her house and like with the earlier victim, checked with family before calling police.
Two members of the burglary task force, Cpl. Al Bush and Cpl. Tim Baker were getting ready to investigate the crime scenes when two juveniles arrived at the police station for a scheduled interview with one of the members on an unrelated case, according to reports.  
Reports say Shift ll  officer Cracknell collecting evidence from the scene relayed information to officer Oberle who was working the front desk.  Officer Oberle picked up on certain similarities from the crime scene to the two juveniles waiting to be interviewed.
After the juveniles were interviewed on their cases, they were then asked about the burglaries.  Following the interview the two juveniles were arrested for burglary.  Cpl. Bush continued to investigate the case and that led him to more suspects and on December 18th and 19th two more juvenile suspects were arrested in connection with the case.  A total of four suspects ranging in age from 15 to 17 years of age each face 2 counts of B-felony burglary charges.
Michigan City Police Chief Mark Swistek applauds the officers and detectives for really good police and team work.
Suspects are presumed innocenter until proven guilty in a court of law.


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