Region's Icy Roads Worsening

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TRAFFIC ALERT: Schererville Police are asking motorists to avoid the very busy intersection of US 30 and US 41 if at all possible, especially the area on US 41 just south of US 30 near the entrance and exit to Teibel's Restaurant.   Police say the highway is completely iced over and there have been several accidents in the past few hours in that area this morning.

We are getting multiple reports of extremely icy conditions, including State Road 49 in Porter County, where the highway was described as a sheet of ice from Vale Park Road to the Porter County Sheriff's Department.

In Dyer, at 9 am CST today (1/7) Dyer Police closed 81st Avenue (S-Curve) at the Indiana/Illinois State Line.  Dyer Police say icy road conditions have made it dangerous for passing motorists, police, tow truck personnel and town plow truck drivers working in the area to assist stranded motorists.  81st Avenue turns into Steger Rd. in Illinois. Alternate routes for east and west traffic are Exchange/101st Avenue or Rt 30.  Police say they will reopen the road as soon as conditions allow.  Any questions, please contact the Dyer Police Department non-emergency at 219-865-1163.

In Wanatah, LaPorte County Coroner John Sullivan speaking in his capacity as a member of the Cass-Clinton Fire Department is urging motorists to stay away from the intersection of US 30 and US 421, where there have been numerous accidents over the past few hours.  "I mean it's a skating rink, just a solid sheet of ice," Sullivan told the Region News Team shortly before 11 am CST today, "I cannot stand up on the road it's that bad."  Sullivan says the entire intersection of US 421 and US 30 is extremely dangerous, a "solid sheet of ice", where motorists have no control of their vehicle on US 30. 

In Hobart, State Road 51 is also described as a "skating rink".


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