Family Structure Key to Upward Mobility

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This year is the 50th Anniversary when President Johnson declared war on poverty in the U-S. According to a new Harvard study, Gary is among the 12 of 17 regions in Indiana below the national average when it comes to youth getting ahead in adulthood.  
Interestingly enough, according to Harvard University’s Equality of Opportunity Project, despite a an income gap between wealthy Americans and the rest of the country that is growing wider, the prospects of moving up the economic ladder are at least the same and even a little better today compared with 1971. 
Citing the Harvard research, Bill Stanczykiewicz, CEO and President of the Indiana Youth Institute told the Region News Team that simply moving to where the jobs are is not the best answer to gain upward mobility. "What the Harvard researchers said is it's not where the jobs are it's the conditions in the Region where the children are born and raised. " Stanczykiewicz says, " So you actually might move somewhere else for a job, but you have conditions in your Region related to family structure, community influences and schooling that allowed you to put the foundation in place to be successful economically."  
The IYI Chief says there are things we can do to build parent structure, "If you're a parent stay and raise your kids, there are things we can do in our community-- be involved in community organizations." Along with volunteering at school Stanczykiewicz says to get involved with your child's schooling, "helping our kids be successful in K-12 and continue that message and encouragement for them to get education after high school so that they can be successful." He suggests that you can even offer your place of employment for site visits for kids, "so they see what work and success look like." 
To see the Harvard University study visit The Equality of Opportunity Project website at:
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