RX Drop Boxes Available Year-Round

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If you happened to not take advantage of National Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, you need not worry, as the prescription drug drop boxes are available at most every police department in Lake County.  St. John Police Corp. and Lake County DUI Task Force Coordinator Steven Rudzinski told the Region News Team the boxes were bought three or four years ago by the Lake County Substance Abuse Council through a grant, but urges you to contact your local police department before going to drop them off.
Corp. Rudzinski says the drop boxes are available to the public year-round, but liquids and needles are not accepted, just pills/capsules.
He says this method is a safe alternative to prevent others from taking someone's medication and says you should never throw away or flush medications.
Tips Hoosiers should consider when storing or disposing of unwanted medications:
·         Do not keep medications past their expiration date or intended period of use. Young children or pets might ingest medication if they find it which can lead to accidental poisoning. Avoid an accident by keeping unused medications out of your house;
·         Avoid throwing medications away in the trash. As the epidemic of prescription drug abuse grows, theft becomes more common. This includes identity theft from the personal information on prescription bottles. Dealers and addicts will even go through your trash;
·         Do not flush medications or pour them down the sink. Flushing your unused medication or pouring it down the drain contaminates Indiana’s waterways. This can have devastating results on the fish and aquatic wildlife of these ecosystems; and
·         Never give or sell your prescribed medication to others as it is not only misuse, it is illegal. Legally prescribed medication is not permitted to be shared or transferred to others, because many of these drugs have harmful side effects and their use can lead to addiction. Misuse and abuse come with significant risks — including death.


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