Lake Search to Resume for Chicago Man

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Indiana Conservation Officers plan to continue searching the waters of Lake Michigan today for a 29-year-old Chicago man who went missing Saturday evening north of Michigan City. Officials say at about 6 pm, he and several others were drifting off shore north of Mount Baldy in a 33-foot SeaRay motorboat.
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The Coast Guard and two good Samaritan boaters rescued five boaters.  Authorities say two people went swimming and began floating away from the boat, and the boat owner and other passengers tried to rescue the two swimmers. The boat began to drift several hundred feet away from the rescuers and a passenger in the boat was unable to start the engines and called 911.  At about 6:30 p.m., a rescue crew aboard a 45-foot response boat from Coast Guard Station Michigan City responded to a report from La Porte 911 dispatch of six people in distress one and a half miles off the shore of the Michigan City Lighthouse. Upon arriving at the scene, the rescue crew pulled three adults out of the water and good Samaritan boaters on-scene pulled two more people out of the water. Coast Guard rescue crews aboard 25-foot and 45-foot response boats from Station Michigan City, a Dolphin helicopter from Air Facility Muskegon, Michigan, and various local responders were looking for the sixth person. Portage Fire was also assisting in the search for the missing boater. The Coast Guard says water temperature in southern Lake Michigan is 45 degrees, much lower than normal for this time year following the long, cold winter season, and that an average person submerged in 45-degree water only has about thirty-minutes before becoming hypothermic.  None of the people in the water were reportedly wearing life jackets according to the Coast Guard. [Photos/provided]


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