NIRPC Participation Plan Extended through March 29th

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The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning is developing a revised Public Participation Plan, updating the Participation Plan that was adopted in 2007.  The new Plan reflects NIRPC’s continuing commitment to reach out to and engage residents in the regional planning and decision-making processes relative to NIRPC’s three planning domains of transportation, economic development and the environment.  The Plan has been in development for over 8 months, with the advice and guidance of a Task Force.  An initial draft Plan was issued in October, 2012 and made available for public review and comment through November.  There was an increased level of interest on the part of some members of the public regarding this Plan, so the comment period was extend for over two more months, through mid – February. Some substantial comments were received that suggested some significant changes to the draft Plan, which have been made.
The new revised draft is now released for further review and comment through Friday, March 29. Between now and then NIRPC will continue to reach out and engage more people from the three-county region in its development.  There will be at least one meeting in each of the three counties regarding the new draft. The latest Participation Plan draft is in the transportation section of NIRPC’s website at and available in other formats by contacting NIRPC Planning Secretary Mary Thorne at 219-763-6060, ext. 131 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Deputy Director/ Director of Planning Steve Strains said, “I am pleased that there is interest in how we reach out and engage people in the regional planning process. Improvements in how we do things will make us more sensitive to the needs of people and cause our plans to be more meaningful. We are committed to using the appropriate tools for public involvement and participation in the planning process.”
NIRPC is a regional council of local governments serving the three counties of Northwest Indiana. It provides a forum that enables the residents of Northwest Indiana to address regional issues relating to transportation, the environment and community and economic development. NIRPC is the voice of regionalism in Northwestern Indiana, and a developer of consensus-backed solutions.
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