Cargil Donates $5,000 Check to Housing Opportunties

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Cargil Donation
VALPARAISO, Ind. — Cargill’s Greater Indiana Farm Service Group received the 2012 Spirit of Cargill Award for its work with Housing Opportunities.
The Spirit of Cargill Award is given to businesses that best exemplify the legacy and passion of the company’s founder, William Wallace Cargill. 
The recognition included a $5,000 check that the Greater Indiana team will present to Housing Opportunities on Tuesday, March 26th.  Housing Opportunities is a HUD-approved and state-certified housing agency serving Northwest Indiana. It provides housing and access to food pantries for individuals and families in the six-county area of Porter, LaPorte, Jasper, Newton, Starke and Pulaski counties.
In 2011, about 70 Cargill Greater Indiana employees helped refurbish an old hotel in Valparaiso that is used as a housing center and food bank for the homeless.
“The organization helps motivated people by providing them not only with shelter, but education to help them be successful and be able to provide for their families,” said Tim Kay, a Leadperson with Cargill in Aylesworth.  “Just shy of 450 hours were contributed to this project and each one was very much worth this cause.”
In addition to working on the hotel, the Greater Indiana team donated $6,250 to Housing Opportunities and that was matched with $6,250 from the parent company. 
Cargill’s Greater Indiana Farm Service Group is a network of grain elevators and farm service centers in Aylesworth/Kouts, Bremen, Burns Harbor, Lafayette, Lapaz, Linden and Tipton.
An innovator, business leader, family man and philanthropist, W.W. Cargill was recognized for his devotion to his community and his genial and optimistic nature that led his business and person life.   

For more information on Housing Opportunities, and information on how to donate or become a volunteer, click

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