Tier ll of the Illiana Corridor Project Holds Public Meeting

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Representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Illinois Department of Transportation held their first Open house of the Second Tier of the Illiana Corridor Project at Lowell Middle School from 5pm to 8pm tonight.

In a joint press release INDOT says the purpose of this event is to explain the Teir Two process, which includes refinement of the preferred corridor; interchange locations and layout; determining overpass and underpass opportunities; environmental analysis; and continued stakeholder outreach.  A brief Question and Answer session was held at around 6pm.

Along with several hundred property owners and curious others who live near the planned #B corridor route, were members of the expressway's opposition group, "No Illiana 4 US," headed up in Indiana by Harold Mussman, West Creek Township Trustee.  According to a recent article in the Times, Mussman said the group's main concern is the closure of certain north/south roads that would jeopardze residents' safety if they needed ambulance or first responder services. 
Read more about the group at:
Spokepersons from INDOT and IDOT
INDOT and IDOT spokespersons at media briefing prior to public meeting to kick off Tier ll of the Illiana Expressway Project
Harold Mussman opposition leader

Harold Mussman, West Creek Township Trustee and Indiana leader of the "No Illiana 4 US," opposition group
opposition with picket signs
Part of the opposition group "No Illiana 4 US" with picket signs at the first Indiana public meeting of Tier ll of the Illiana Corridor Project
Slide presentation
Slide presentation of Tier Two at public meeting
B3 Corridor
The Illiana Expressway B3 Corridor laid out for public inspection (Indiana sector is at the far end of the table)
B3 Corridor in Lowell
The Illiana Corridor in the Lowell area
Tier ll  poster 2
One of several dozens informational posters on display at the public Open House Thursday night
Some of the opposition group "No Illiana 4 US" signs
(photos provided by Jay Stevens)
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