State Launches New Healthcare Tool

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State Launches New Healthcare Tool
Governor Mike Pence joins representatives from Castlight Health, Indiana University, Cummins, Anthem and the Indiana State Personnel Department to discuss and sign up for Castlight. [Photo provided]
This morning, Indiana Governor Mike Pence launched a new healthcare transparency tool, Castlight Health. “Indiana is leading the charge in providing tools to state employees to educate them about being informed healthcare consumers,” said Governor Pence. “Whether the focus is cost or quality, our employees are now more empowered than ever to save money and provide for their families’ medical needs by using Castlight.”
Castlight Health is a searchable database that enables self-insured employers and their employees to take control of health care costs and improve care. It provides cost estimates and quality ratings for doctors and procedures, while also educating employees about compliance for chronic health care conditions.
“Both businesses and governmental bodies continue to be stifled by the high cost of medical care in the United States,” said Giovanni Colella, M.D., co-founder and CEO, Castlight Health. “As the first state to introduce health care transparency into its workforce, the State of Indiana is taking an important leap forward by empowering employees with the information they need to make more informed, cost-effective health care decisions. Indiana was an early pioneer in the transparency movement and we believe their success will become the model for entities committed to improving health care outcomes, while better controlling costs.”
This initiative has taken more than a year to complete and involved a coordinated effort from the state, Castlight Health and Anthem, the state’s medical insurance provider.
Other large self-insured employers from around the state have already launched or are preparing to launch Castlight Health to their employees. These include Cummins and Indiana University, whose senior leadership joined the Governor this morning to celebrate the launch.


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