Children Twice as Likely to be Injured by Fireworks

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office is reminding Hoosiers that children ages 10-14 are twice as likely to be injured by fireworks.Two out of every five fireworks injuries are individuals under the age of 15.
“Fireworks are a part of many Independence Day celebrations, and we want Hoosiers to have a safe and happy holiday,” said Indiana State Fire Marshal, Jim Greeson. “However, caution should be used to prevent injuries, especially for children.”
The Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office is a division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.
Even seemingly harmless fireworks can cause injuries. Sparklers, hand-held and ground fireworks (those that stay on the ground) alone accounted for 38 percent of the 8,600 emergency room fireworks injuries in 2010. Sparklers burn at about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 300 degrees hotter than the temperature at which glass melts. Glow sticks make an excellent alternative to sparklers, especially for young children, and can be purchased at most retail stores.

General fireworks safety
·         Only purchase and light 1.4G consumer fireworks. Examples include bottle rockets, roman candles and firecrackers.
·         Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from the reach of children.
·         Do not alter any fireworks device or attempt to make your own fireworks.
·         Use a clear, open area and keep your audience a safe distance from the ignition site.
·         Light one firework item at a time and never attempt to re-light or fix a “dud” firework.
·         Never let children handle, play with, or light any fireworks.
·         Have a fire extinguisher, hose, bucket of water or other water source nearby.
·         Be cautious when lighting fireworks when it is windy.
·         Never smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while handling fireworks.
·         Never aim, point, or throw fireworks at another person.
·         Use fireworks outdoors, never indoors.

Fireworks can be fun, as long as safety rules are followed. For more information about fireworks safety, visit
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