Urschel Laboratories Breaks Ground in Chesterton

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Bob U with mic
Bob Urschel, President/CEO of Urschel Laboratories at the groundbreaking of the new Uschel Laboratories, Coffee Creek, Chesterton location.
Coffee Creek Center, Chesterton, Indiana -- "We look forward to starting another chapter in Urschel history by breaking ground today on what will become our new manufacturing and global headquarters," said Rich Urschel, Vice president of Operations at Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
The company officially purchased the Coffee Creek property earlier this month.  More than 300 employees received an invitation to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony which was also attended by executives from the construction firm of Tonn & Blank, Porter County Commissioner Nancy Adams, and members of the Chesterton Town Council and other local government officials. 
According to Urschel Advertising Manager, Debra Novello, the employees were bussed from Urschel's current plant on Calumet Avenue in valparaiso to the new site located on the south east end of the Coffee Creek area of Chesterton. 
Following a brief lunch, specially engraved shovels were handed out as the employees and other invited guests hollowed out a giant Urschel logo in the footprint of the new building.
The purchase of approximately 160 acres will allow for future growth of the company, according to Novello.  the company has been at its present location since 1958.  It has experienced tremendous growth over the years, and has expanded the facility over 28 times to equal its current size of 250,000 sq. ft.  In a press release, Novello said, the area that surrounds the cirrent manufacturing plant has also continued to grow leaving the facility landlocked.
Founded in 1910, Urschel Laboratories, Inc. is the global leader in food cutting technology.  An engineering-driven company, Urschel continues to partner with leading food processors to discover the latest in food cutting advances.  For more information visit:  http//
Urschel  employees line up
Employees from Urschel line up for a brief lunch at the Thursday, July 11, 2013 groundbreaking of the company's new Chesterton, location.
Listening to Bob Urschel
Employees listen to Bob Urschel, President/CEO of Urschel Laboratories speak at employee lunch before the groundbreaking of the company's new Chesterton, site.
Nancy Bass thanks Bob Urschel
Porter County Commissioner, Nancy Adams expresses her appreciation to Bob Urschel, President/CEO of Urschel Laboratories for staying in Porter County.
handing out shovels
All 300+ Urschel employees are handed ceremonial shovels for the groundbreaking
Ceremonial Shovel
One of over 300 Urschel employees given a ceremonial shovel that features the Urschel Laboratories' logo on the shovel's blade
groundbreaking circle
Over 300 employees, company management, local government officials and othe rinvited officials line up in the foot print of the new Urschel Laboratories location to be built in Chesterton, during Thursday afternoon's groundbreaking ceremony of the new facility.
Brass Groundbreaking
The Thursday, July 11, 2013 groundbreaking of the new Chesterton, location of Urschel Laboratories.  
(photos courtesy of Jay Stevens & Radio One Communications)



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