Largest Incoming VU Class in 36 Years

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The academic year at Valparaiso University kicks off today with VU's largest incoming class in 36 years – 11-hundred new undergrads, including over nine-hundred freshmen. Anticipated total enrollment is expected to be nearly 44-hundred, the largest in 32 years. The College of Engineering anticipates 141 new freshmen, the highest number in 35 years, and the College of Nursing expects to enroll 115 new freshmen, the highest in the history of the College. An estimated 94 incoming students will enroll in Christ College — The Honors College, the second highest in the College's 46-year history.
This year's incoming class is also one of the University's most diverse, with international students from 20 different countries and domestic students from 41 states.
"We're thrilled Valpo continues its trajectory of growth and attracts students of promise who will embody the Valpo spirit of leadership and service," said Michael Joseph, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Valparaiso University. "Not only are we growing in numbers, but we continue to recruit and enroll outstanding students who excel in and out of the classroom."
The academic year begins today [Tuesday, Aug. 27], with the 85th annual Opening Convocation. During the service, all new students will be invited to come forward and sign the student-initiated Honor Code: I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid. The pledge signifies the students' commitment to academic integrity and to holding themselves and others to the highest standard.
In 1943, Valparaiso University student body president Barbara Bernthal led an initiative to institute a code of academic honor for all students. Seventy years later, the Honor Code is in tact as an expression of the Christian character of the University. It is led by a group of students known as the Honor Council, which strives to strengthen ethical self-discipline in students and to build pride in and the expectation of academic integrity for all Valpo students and faculty.
An independent Lutheran university, Valpo's incoming class is 25 percent Lutheran and 23 percent Catholic, with many other major religions represented.
Enrollment in the Graduate School and Law School at Valpo is expected to increase from last year as well, with 650 graduate students and 524 law students projected for the fall 2013 semester.


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