Lake Station Bridge Restricted due to Flooding Concerns

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MP21 detour
Indiana Toll Road officials say a structure at the Lake Station interchange (Milepost 21) on the Indiana Toll Road is being restricted due to washout conditions. The bridge over I-80/94, which serves as an entrance and exit ramp, is closed to Indiana Toll road traffic entering eastbound I-94. The detour in place takes drivers to westbound I-94 and turns them around at the Ripley Street Exit.
The detour map above shows the new route highlighted in blue. The red dot “5262” is the structure in which flooding is a concern. This restriction does not impact eastbound I-80/94 traffic entering the Indiana Toll Road.
The interchange has been restricted for a major reconstruction project. Here is the information on that particular closure, which began in late October:
Lake Station Interchange map
LAKE STATION, Ind. – Beginning Monday, Oct. 28, 2013, extended restrictions will be in place at the Lake Station Exit (Milepost 21) on the Indiana Toll Road.
The project begins with the closure of the westbound exit ramp (from ITR to I-94), and marks the beginning of ITR Concession Co.’s extensive reconstruction of the Lake Station ramp structures. It will include repairing or replacing various elements of three structures within the exit: BHX-A, BHX-B and Structure 5262 (see attached map for clarification). Each will be removed and rebuilt with the same configurations and footprints of the existing structures. Upon completion, the interchange will function as it did prior to the project. No permanent removal of any structure is planned.
The closure of the MP 21 westbound exit ramp (BHX-B) will begin on Monday, Oct. 28, and will last approximately 1.5 years. The entire existing bridge deck and superstructure, along with the concrete pier caps, will be removed. After BHX-B is removed, BHX-A (located beneath BHX-B) will be removed and rebuilt. Concurrently, Str. 5262 will be rebuilt (it is anticipated that one lane will remain open on Str. 5262 during construction). After BHX-A is removed and rebuilt, BHX-B will then be rebuilt.
Beginning Oct. 28, westbound traffic seeking to exit at MP 21 will be diverted to Exit 17, Gary East. At Gary East, patrons are to take I-65 south and re-connect with I-94. Exit 17 remains a free exit, just as Exit 21.
Construction on BHX-A and Str. 5262 are tentatively scheduled to begin in February 2014; notices will be sent at that time. The entire process is expected to be completed in April 2015.


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