Annie was born and raised in Northwest Indiana with her younger sister and parents in Hammond. After spending some time out of the area chasing the radio dream she has moved back to start a family with her two main men: Jager the mutt and fiance Rob. When she is not on the air Annie enjoys cheering her favorite Chicago sports teams (Da Bears, Da Bulls, And Da Sox), hiking, and exploring new fairs and festivals! (Anything Deep Fried she's in!) Annie cannot wait to share her life with you on air and is excited to be back in the Region doing what she loves!



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This story out of Texas is gaining national attention after a school offered a student the choice of a two day suspension or the option of getting paddled as punishment! (Check it out here)

Would you let your child get spanked in school? I know when I went to Catholic Grade School they were just moving away from paddling. However, we did still have a Nun who'd pinch the pressure point in your shoulder when you were being too loud! (which I always seemed to be!)

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Your First Ride.

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Can you remember your first car? I bet it was nothing like this 15 year old in Texas who's mom's boyfriend has given her a $300,000 Lamborghini to drive to her Dallas high school! (check out more here) I had to borrow my mom's Chevy Astro Van everywhere I went in high school! (Which was awesome, cause you could shove so many people in that van!) I can remember wanting to be on MTV's Pimp My Ride so badly! The first car I ever owned wasn't much better... a Buick Century (above)! Hey, my Aunt gave to me! I know I ride in style!

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Genius Or Idiot?

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Have you ever heard of "Popcorn Lung"? Well it just made Wayne Watson 7 million dollars richer!!! Get this he sued the popcorn company and supermarket for selling him a product without a warning on it! Nevermind, that the guy eats THREE Bags a day!!! (Check Out The Full Story Here)

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Happy Tears.

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This just made me cry in the studio AGAIN!!! What would you do if your pet was missing for that long?!?!


Bridesmaids, Check.

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I think I may have started to get this wedding planning stuff down... only took me like 6 months to get motivated!!! Yesterday, I got a chance to have my bridesmaids pick out their dress for the wedding! Minus one possible negative attitude, I think we may have gotten one everyone agreed on! (Let's hope!) I was trying my best to not only find one everyone liked, but one that was affordable too! I'm just so excited to have so many wonderful ladies around me to celebrate my big day! Now we just have to find affordable cowboy boots that will fit a size 12... any ideas?

Next up this week, meetings everyday, but it will be worth it! Our goal is to make a final decision on Photographer and DJ by Oct. 1st! See all it takes is a little motivation and a bunch of great people yelling at you to get in gear and things work out!!! Now for all the other wedding decisions, what's the word Scott taught me this morning? Ahhhhh yes.. delegation!



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