Annie was born and raised in Northwest Indiana with her younger sister and parents in Hammond. After spending some time out of the area chasing the radio dream she has moved back to start a family with her two main men: Jager the mutt and fiance Rob. When she is not on the air Annie enjoys cheering her favorite Chicago sports teams (Da Bears, Da Bulls, And Da Sox), hiking, and exploring new fairs and festivals! (Anything Deep Fried she's in!) Annie cannot wait to share her life with you on air and is excited to be back in the Region doing what she loves!


Excuse Me Officer

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Have you ever used an excuse with a cop to get out of a ticket? I guess the better question is has it ever worked? This lady in Florida cracks me up... she was pulled over for a DUI and blamed her actions on being a bridesmaid! Now I've only been a bridesmaid once, but I don't think that gives you a free pass to be a drunk driver! Needless to say, she was booked for her DUI and left with an embarrassing story!

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Goodwill Loves Moms

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This week we have your chance to pick up a copy of The Clutter Diet... a guide to helping clean out your life! I desperately need to follow this! Plus, don't forget to get tickets to the Goodwill Loves Moms Luncheon at the Strongbow Inn Sept. 14th! (Click Here For Tickets)

Check Out These Stats:

People waste six weeks a year (almost an hour per day) trying to find mislabeled, misfiled, or misplaced items. (Source: Accountemps survey of executives in leading U.S. companies)

Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40 percent of the housework in the average home. (Source: National Soap and Detergent Association)

Americans as a whole waste 9,000,000 hours per day searching for misplaced items. (Source: American Demographics Society)

The average American individual burns 55 minutes a day - roughly 12 weeks a year - looking for things they know they own but can't find. (Source: Boston marketing firm)

An average 3 bedroom home has over 350,000 items in it. (Source: Forbes)

25% of people with two-car garages don't park any cars in them and 32% park only one. (Source: US Department of Energy)


What Would You Do?

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I came across this article on Yahoo today that made me tear up! It's about this mom who quit her job when her boss wouldn't let her take vacation to see her son play in the Little League World Series. Would you do the same? (Check Out Full Story Here)

I'm such a sap for great family stories, cause it makes me reminiscent of my childhood. I cannot remember a time my mom and dad weren't there for my events...even though we lost at EVERYTHING! My mom even volunteered to be our Volleyball coach in Middle School, when no one else would. (She knew NOTHING about the sport!) Do you have great parents/are you a great parent? Let's Hear About It On Facebook!



It Cost How Much?!!?!?!

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A new study says on average parents will spend more money on daycare for their kids than college! This is insane to me! However, I guess it makes sense. More parents are working and there are more single parents today. In 22 states childcare now costs more than median rent! What is it like for you as a parent? Let us know on Facebook!


Give Me More!

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I am having the worst problem EVER, I cannot stop eating! I keep snacking on everything... today my choice Pretzel MnMs!!! Yesterday, I ate a nectarine, muffins, pretzel crisps, sea salt almond bar, and other garbage before 6am! This is CRAZY!!! Things have gotten so bad that my mom sent me out for cleaning supplies yesterday and I look in the cart and all I have is Pretzel MnMs and Chocolate Donuts!(Somehow I don't think that counts!)

It gets worse... on the way to the car I tripped and spilled the MnMs everywhere... you would have thought someone stabbed me the way I screamed! Do you have that one snack you can't stop eating?!?! Please say I'm not alone!



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