Annie was born and raised in Northwest Indiana with her younger sister and parents in Hammond. After spending some time out of the area chasing the radio dream she has moved back to start a family with her two main men: Jager the mutt and fiance Rob. When she is not on the air Annie enjoys cheering her favorite Chicago sports teams (Da Bears, Da Bulls, And Da Sox), hiking, and exploring new fairs and festivals! (Anything Deep Fried she's in!) Annie cannot wait to share her life with you on air and is excited to be back in the Region doing what she loves!


Holy Calories!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! As you sit down and get ready to stuff your face, I want you to think about this: the average thanksgiving meal is around 4,500 calories. To put that in perspective it's equivalent to eating the following in a single sitting:

- 2 pepperoni pies at Pizza Hut
- 4 Chipotle burritos
- 48 traditional wings at bdubs
- 7 whoopers at Burger King
- 37 chicken drumsticks at KFC
- 11 Junior bacon cheeseburgers at Wendy's
- 10 Beef 'n cheddars at Arby's

OK now who's hungry? (I know I am!!!)


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